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Michał Buczkowski is a soloist who has performed all over the world, from Bach to contemporary music. Chamber music plays a special place in his career. Playing in duets with outstanding pianists, as well as giving concerts in a duet with a classical guitar very close to his heart, he presents to the audience both well-known works and repertoire played very rarely or compositions performed for the first time.

Michał Buczkowski is a laureate of prestigious scholarships from the Belgian Government and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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Opus 1

Opus 1: the result of shared musical interests and the cooperation of two excellent young soloists, violinist Michał Buczkowski and guitarist Aleksander Wilgos. This album is the fruit of their shared passion for music and the joy of discovering new sounds and colours which sound so extraordinary in the interaction of the violin and the guitar.

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